Sports activitiy

The Institute, which as part of its activity in the field of sport also manages the Sports hall and the Sport and Recreation Centre Slatina, mainly takes care for :

  • promotion of development and management of sports infrastructure in the municipality,
  • creating opportunities for the development of sport and recreational sporting activities.

Sports Facilities in Radenci

Sports infrastructure:

  • multi-purpose sports hall at the Radenci Primary School,
  • outdoor playgrounds at the Radenci Primary School,
  • Slatina Sports and Recreation Centre.

The facilities measure 19.460 m2 in total, made up of lawns (12.671 m2), asphalt area (4.866 m2), sand surface (230 m2), athletic track (60m) and covered area (1.706 m2). Each year 17.000 users and visitors visit these sports facilities.


The multi-purpose sports hall represents the driving force of sporting life in the municipality. In addition to the executors of the Annual Sport Programme (ASP), the sports hall has also been used for activities by numerous local and other clubs and associations. Sports Hall Radenci has also shown itself to be a convenient location for various commercial events.

The Radenci multi-purpose sports hall measures 1.706 m2 in total, made up of the large hall (1.043 m2), the small hall (145 m2), and the grandstand (250 m2). The rest is changing rooms, study areas, offices… It is intended for school sports education of pupils of primary and secondary scool, for the Radenci Sports Association, municipality sports programmes for children and youth as well as for sports games and sports league competitions in football, handball, basketball and volleyball. Each year more than 7.000 visitors and users visit it.


SRC Slatina is located in the southern part of Radenci and encompasses the football stadium with the additional playground, intended primarily for training and recreation. This is the starting point for the Cooper test, which links onto the nearby jogging trail. Adjacent to the stadium there is also some playground equipment for the youngest. Here, it is bustling from early spring till late autumn.

The Slatina Sports and Recreation Centre includes the football pitch with the additional playground with 11.334 m2 of surface, 469 m2 of children's playground and a skateboarding ramp. 594 m2 of sports playground is on asphalt. Activities in the centre include trainings for the domiciliary sports associations, programmes for children and youth as well as league sports competitions and tournamentst. Each year more than 8.000 users and visitors visit it.


Outdoor playgrounds at the Radenci Primary school measure in total 4.673 m2. The playgrounds encompass 2 handball playgrounds (multi-purpose) with a surface of 2.295 m2, a basketball playground with a surface of 550 m2, a football pitch on grass with a surface of 868 m2, a volleyball playground on asphalt with a surface of 227 m2, a volleyball playground on sand with a surface of 230 m2 as well as an athletic track. The outdoor playgrounds are intended for sports training and recreation in football, handball, basketball and volleyball. Each year more than 2.000 sportspeople and recreation enthusiasts visit it.

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