Hiking Trails:


The Cooper test is a test of physical fitness. It was designed by Kenneth H. Cooper in 1968 for US military use.

In the original form, the point of the test is to run as far as possible within 12 minutes. The test is meant to measure the condition of the person taking it and therefore it is supposed to be run at a steady pace instead of sprints and fast running. The outcome is based on the distance the test person ran, their age and their sex. It is an easy test to perform on larger groups. The length of the run is considered to be that of a long distance run, since everything above 3 km is rated "long distance"—which means the runner will predominately use his/her "red", slow oxidative muscle cells.

The recreational route which is 2.400 metres long is dedicated to all sports and recreation enthusiasts and is on the map marked in red. By running or walking on this route you are testing and strenghtening your own endurance. This is a modern method of aerobic health training as well as for developing and maintaining of your physical abilitiies. With this kind of exercise you are strengthening your cardiovascular and respiratory system as well as all your other organs.


Stop at he mysterious spring and listen to the "bublinbg". You can take time to visit the "Springs of life" in company and discover the Petanjci, Iron, Šratovci, Ožek and Zemljič springs. Get to know the mysteries of the Black Pond (Črna mlaka), slowly, as the spring discovers its charms. And as Doctor Karl Henn stopped on his way, you stop at the Iron well too and taste the renowned Bubble (bublja). Most of the springs are located in the flat part of the area. In the past all the springs were taken care ob by being moulded into the shape of a square "kašta" (Carniolan wall) made of stone or oak wood. Mineral water was scooped out of them. In more recent times some springs were designed in such a way that the mineral water runs from the springthrough pipes. (The trail is marked on the map with the green 1.)


Attila, King of the Huns. Unstoppable, a steadfast conqueror, stalle at the view of the captivating landscape below Kapela. The easy trail leads you from the press at Kapela, past St. Mary Magdalene church, into a mysterious forest. Here a fortress once stood, encased with a triple defence wall. Hidden under the elevation in the forest it hides a treasure, guarded by three pine trees. Find it, feel your soul. (The trail is marked on the map with the green 2.)



The circle trail "Up and down along the Mura" leads along both of the banks, between the two bridges, the Petanjci and the Radgona bridge which connect the trail and make possible crossing over the river. It also crosses the other borfer river, the Kučnica River, over which a neat footbridge is laid, and in Austria the Drauchenbach stream that can be crossed over a small iron bridge. The trail links two countries, Slovenia and Austria as well as four municiplities - The Municipality of Tišina, The Municipality of Radenci, The Municipality of Gornja Radgona and the Austrian Municipality of Bad Radkersburg. (The trail is marked on the map with the green 3.)


The trail is divided into 3 routes: Zgornje Konjišče - Gornja Radgona, Gornja Radgona - Radenci and Radenci - Mota at Ljutomer. Right at the border between Slovenia and Austria the river Mura will uncover to you Radenci, Gornja Radgona and Apače. It will take you along the border between Slovenia and Austria past Radenci, Gornja Radgona and Apače. The trail, running along the Mura river, or winding just a few meters from the river away, will lead you from one place to another. On the way you will experience the bond between the river, animals, plants and the people. You will discover beaver tracks and observe the grey heron, ducks and numerous other birds that live along the Mura. (The trail is marked on the map with the green 4.)


Diverse cultural, historical and natural features have shaped the Pomurje region into a magnificent landscape along the Mura river.

Cycling trails:


Take a ride along the wine trail - the one where the locals talk about the mineral water with healing effects that springs from the wells or where "the grapes have been pampered by the sun". The trail lead you from Radenci over adorable hill tops to the famous Kapelski Vrh where you will be rewarded with a magnificient view over the north-eastern part of Slovenia. You will experience some majestic peaceful plains whilst cycling across fields to the village of Hrastje Mota. (The trail is marked on the map with the blue 1.)


Explore frontier areas of the Radenci Muncipality in a different way. Take a ride to the Mura river and explore the hidden corners gifted by the breath-taking nature. Enjoy the burbling of the river and singing of the birds. Give your eyes a rest on magnificent views of the Radgona Kapela wine-growing area. Call at the spring wells on your way. (The trail is marked on the map with the blue 2.)


One of the legends on how the Radenci mineral water came into existence tells us that the sounds coming from the springs are caused by hardworking gnomes, which with the digging of the passages, pave the way to the healing water. With the help of the Radin Gnome take a ride along the tourist sites of the Radenci Municipality. Research and explore the wealth of history that the Radenci Municipality has to offer. (The trail is marked on the map with the blue 3.)


The Radenci circle trail presents a real adventure to all cyclists who like to explore the areas off the beaten tracks. The trail begins in Radenci and continues towards Turjanci past Roman burial mound to Janžev Vrh, through Boračeva and then back to Radenci. The route will conjure up some amazing views and show you hidden corners that only locals know about. (The trail is marked on the map with the blue 4.)


The Pomurje Region is the land of extensive fields, rounded vineyards, storks and healing waters. This route will lead you across the plains of Pomurje to the Radgona - Kapela winegrowing area. You will admire the diversity of this landscape that will enthuse you with its opening views. (The trail is marked on the map with the blue 5.)


This path will take you through a surprisingly dynamic, mysterious and bio-energetic landscape. Both the left and right banks of the Mura River provide exciting, yet comfortable cycling pleasures for all cycling enthusiasts. Due to its convenience, safety and well-marked paths, it is also ideal for families.

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